TAKSI: Video capture/Screen capture for 3D graphics

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What it is:

Taksi is a utility that allows you to take screenshots and record video clips of your favourite games and other 3D-graphics applications. Inspired by Fraps (www.fraps.com), Taksi aims to provide an open source alternative to that great tool.

Other features:

Taksi can support live video compression with any VFW video codec your system has installed (i.e. XVid, DivX, MS Mpeg4, etc).

Supports user-specified key mapping, allowing user to assign almost any key to a particular function (such as video start/stop, screenshot trigger, etc.). Runtime re-mapping of the keys is supported via GUI: user can change keys without having to restart the game.

Custom video settings are supported (see manual.txt for more details about this).
Basically, this allows a user to specify on a per-game basis the frame rate of the captured video, and the weight of each source frame. The weight determines whether a particular frame is captured or not. This allows for creation of smoother and faster videos, when generic algorithm doesn't produce desired results.

Project info:

The project summary page can be found at SourceForge.net/projects/taksi.



Latest stable version is 0.7.6 (from June.22,2006 )
Changes include: improved mapping/hooking algorithm; full-size video capture.

List of all previous releases (including full source code) here.


Tech spec for v0.7.6:

DirectX 8, DirectX 9, OpenGL and GDI based applications are supported in this version. Video can be recorded at either full-size, or half-size in each dimension (using bilinear minification filter). Audio is not captured. There is no imposed limit on the duration of the video, only available disk space is your limit.